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Salmon Fishcakes

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Hmm.  This recipe doesn’t have an interesting story behind it.  I just wanted an excuse to cook Japanese karé because it’s brown, tasty and has lots of sauce.  

For the uninitiated, Japanese curry is a completely different beast from your Indian or SE Asian curries.  It’s thicker, sweeter and more like a stew….if I were to visit a Japanese curry in the zoo, it would be over in the children’s section amongst the rabbits and fluffy lambs.  It’s a very friendly curry because it doesn’t have much of a bite and is very simple to make.

The salmon fishcakes are more fiddly, but are worth the effort.  Fillet of salmon is poached in a savoury milk, then mashed with potato, peas and corn and bound together with a little Kewpie mayonnaise.  Everything is made into little (or big, if you prefer) patties and coated in panko before being shallow fried to a golden brown crispiness.  Besides being quite delicious, they are very efficient transporters for aforementioned curry.