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Recipe Hack – Lazy Baked Potato Soup

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Doncha just love anything with the word “lazy” in it?  

I love Baked Potato Soup, but when I get a craving for it the thought of having to bake a potato first, before even beginning to make the soup, is such a turn off that it just never happens.  Baked Potato Soup has, until now, always been an unrequited desire. 

So here’s a great recipe hack – roast the potato skins while you’re making the soup!  It’s the skins that produce that wonderful baked potato aroma anyway, and this saves heaps of time because they roast in a jiffy and you can make the soup in the meantime.  The you add the beautifully, earthy skins to the soup towards the end to infuse and you have a scrummy baked potato soup in less than half the time!

Ooooh, ‘oim a good gal oi am!  (What movie’s that from, then???)