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Nutella Brownie Cookies

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The start of a new business means many, many nights in.  It’s strange because when I was fantasizing about starting up Mother I had imagined effortless days in a cute retro office wearing cute retro outfits, and lovely evenings swanning about at various events (always in a perfect dress, and with perfect hair).  Fact, as well as being stranger than fiction, is also a lot less glamourous!  These days I am more often found schlepping around in a pair of shorts and always, always with my hair tied up!  Come to think of it, I haven’t let my hair down in months – both literally and metaphorically!

Still, there are consolations.  The thrill of watching a dream materialize.  The gratification of happy clients.    The pleasure of creation.   

And…cable television.  Particularly, Discovery Travel & Living!  Most of you will probably be shaking your heads and thinking “what cave have you just crawled out from?” but I have not had access to cable TV until recently.  Let me tell you, it’s fabulous!  For those of you who take it for granted, I challenge you to watch nothing but local sitcoms for a year then come and talk to mama!

Thanks to all the cooking shows my salivary glands are edgy with over-stimulation – craving crisp grilled mackerel one second, then squirting at the thought of tangy thai chilli fishcakes the next second.  Then the stomach chimes in with demands for bilberry custard tarts…jeez.  All those voices in my anatomy can be so difficult to please!