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Fishy Business

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Here’s a neat little fact – did you know that the flesh of sea-faring creatures like fish, scallops etc are much softer than land-dwelling animals (cows, lamb etc) because of gravity?  They don’t need so much strength to “hold themselves up” hence their muscles are less developed, softer and more pliant.  Also, most fish are pretty chilled out, a little bit of languid swimming here and there with the occasional burst of energy to investigate a tasty morsel of seaweed or to escape from a gawping maw.  Speed racers like tuna, shark and dolphin are the exception, and their flesh is much firmer in keeping with their active lifestyles.

If I were a fish, I’d probably have extremely soft flesh.  I wouldn’t suffer the indignity of having to chase my dinner and would devise clever ways to have my dinner come to me.  In fact, I’d try to move as little as possible, preferring to stare into the murky depths philosophizing about the meaning of life and trying to make sense of it all.  Researching these criteria on the internet, I would probably be…

…a bottom-dwelling scorpionfish.  Great.

Rest assured this dish doesn’t have any scorpionfish in it.  Instead, tender cubes of cod, crunchy prawns and succulent scallops are folded into a creamy lemon and dill sauce and topped with a square of puff pastry.

Lovely, if I do say so myself! (The dish, not the scorpionfish.)