What is Mother Me?
Mother Me is a preparation service we offer if you don’t like chopping, slicing & dicing.  You can read more about it here .

Are there any hidden charges?
No.  Besides the $5 we charge for delivery, the cost of every ingredient is laid out in your check-out summary.

Where do you get your supplies?
We buy our food direct from reputable restaurant suppliers and fresh food markets to ensure your produce is the best quality and as fresh as it can be.  Details on our beef supplies can be found here .  More information on our fruit, vegetable, fish & poultry will be coming soon.

Do we have to commit to a contract?
No.  You buy as often or as seldom as you wish. 

We will also be implementing a loyalty scheme to reward regular customers soon.  In the meantime, we are keeping track of your orders so that when the loyalty program begins, we will backdate our points accordingly.

What if we already have one of the ingredients listed in the recipe?
Easy – just uncheck the box next to the ingredient and it won’t be added to your shopping basket.

What if I want to substitute ingredients e.g. I’d prefer to cook with olive oil instead of butter?
Easily done – just uncheck the box of the item you want to substitute and send us a message.

What payment options do you offer?
At the moment you can pay by cash, cheque or securely online via PayPal .  We plan to implement eNETS at a later date. 

When do you deliver?
We deliver in the afternoons from Monday to Friday between 2pm and 6pm.  If you plan to cook on the weekends, you can order in advance and we will send you the produce on Friday.

We can’t do morning deliveries because that’s when we’re shopping for your ingredients!

Can I order on the day itself?
We need at least 1 day’s notice because we want to send the freshest ingredients and the produce is often bought on the day itself.  However, you can always give us a ring if you are desperate and we will try to accommodate if we can!

What if I change my mind?
We can cancel your order if you let us know before the delivery date.

If you change your mind on the day itself, we will unfortunately have to charge you as we would have already bought the produce.  Sorry.

Do I have to pick the wine you’ve suggested?
Not at all!  We offer a variety of different wines so pick your favorite!