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I’m a rule breaker.  In particular, I like breaking my own rules. 

At Mother, we’re definitely ANTI-artificial anything but these Itty Bitty Cookie Hearts are definitely glowing in glorious TechniEcolour!   It was hard to resist making these little munchkins for a children’s birthday party and I suppose once a year is ok?  <hangs head in shame> Perhaps everyone will just look at them, and not eat them?

The sugar recipe is adapted from Joy of Baking’s recipe, except that I reduced the sugar down from 1½ cups to 1 cup.  Also made a version in chocolate (oh, sin upon sin!).

And, being a complete virgin with icing techniques, I found Meladig’s Painting with Cookies videos on YouTube super helpful!  

Unfortunately, we won’t be putting the ingredients up for delivery but we can make them to order if you give us at least 1 week’s notice. 

I have a question for anyone reading: what’s the best brand of pure vanilla essence I can buy in Singapore or even order from overseas?  The one I’m using is utter rubbish – supposedly 100% pure but leaves a chemically after-taste which clings to my tongue like an spurned lover and only disappears after gargling with paintstripper.  It ruins everything I make, and even the teeniest weeniest amounts (¼ teaspoon in a batch of 12 muffins) is sufficient to create that bizarre lab-flavour.  Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!