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A Week of Desserts

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We have been indulging our sweet tooth (teeth?) this week and we’re not complaining!!!!!!!

Carol’s Mini Meringue Nests with Mixed Berries & Strawberry Coulis

Try as hard as I might, I can’t come up with a better description for this beautiful mixed berry meringue than The Amateur Gourmet :

“That berry mixture on top of the whipped cream on top of the pavlova was like going to the moon with the most beautiful person on Earth, having sex all the way, while listening to your favorite band play live as little puppies lick your toes.” (from his post on For the Love of Pavlova )

Pure genius! As is this gorgeous dessert. We’ve adapted it by making a lighter, crisper single-portion meringue nest smothered in whipped cream and topped with rasberries, blueberries, strawberries and a drizzle of strawberry coulis (a fancy name for strawberry sauce).

Chocolate & Baileys Pots au Creme

I’m a bit of a closet insomniac and always have to decline (with great regret) the delicious coffee liqueurs on offer after a great dinner. So here’s our version – a velvetty smooth, dense chocolate creme served in an espresso cup. Not quite like a mousse, but more like a pannacotta, spiked with Baileys Irish Cream. We serve it with biscotti and, for hedonists like me, an extra shot of Baileys on top (not shown here).

Seriously good.